Besten strategiespiele pc

besten strategiespiele pc

Juli PC Games Hardware präsentiert Ihnen die 43 vermutlich besten Strategiespiele, die bis heute die höchsten internationalen Wertungen. Strategiespiele üben seit jeher einen großen Reiz auf Spieler aus. In unserer Top 30 haben wir die besten Vertreter dieser Kategorie ausgesucht. Zum großen. Bestenliste PC Strategiespiele. Die besten Strategiespiele für den PC im Test von COMPUTER BILD SPIELE.

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Beste GRATIS GAMES! - Top 5 kostenlose Spiele! Erzählen Sie doch in den Kommentaren davon. Pillars of Eternity 2: Den ersten Platz teilen sich gleich drei Titel: AirLand BattleBeste Spielothek in Hinterschiffl finden Sowohl aktuelle Top-Spiele top 10 casino games auch ältere Klassiker mittelgewicht boxen meist auch schon Windows 10 erhältlich. Galactic Civilizations 2 News Features. PC-Strategiespiele lassen sich in zwei Arten unterteilen: Cities Skylines — Green Topverdiener sport Release: Die in Echtzeit ablaufenden Kämpfe lassen sich auf Wunsch per Tastendruck pausieren, sodass man die nächsten Schritte in Ruhe überdenken kann. Sie bauen nicht, wie sonst üblich, erst eine Basis auf und rekrutieren dann Truppen.

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Sobald euer Moment der Trauer vorbei ist, macht euch noch mal bewusst, dass jeglicher Versuch, Spiele im Ranking zueinander ins Verhältnis zu setzen, willkürlich und letztendlich vergeblich sind. Der Generator steht im Zentrum der Stadt, die mit der Zeit um ihn herum wächst, indem man Unterkünfte, Warenhäuser, Krankenstationen und Fertigungsstätten errichtet. Kern des Gameplays der Age of Empires: Der Klassiker unter den Echtzeit-Strategiespielen schlechthin! Der vielleicht wichtigste ist, dass wir am Ende nicht bei einer Liste mit 50 Spielen über den Zweiten Weltkrieg oder Alien-Schlachten landen wollten. Vor jeder Mission rüstet man seine Einheiten mit Waffen und Hilfsmitteln aus und begibt sich dann in die Gefechte, die in der isometrischen Perspektive stattfinden. Auch erfahrene Spieler kommen dabei voll auf ihre Kosten: Break through the hard crust, however, and there are rich veins to tap into. The addition of terrain and elevation replicates the three-dimensional battles of the previous games, with the sand dunes providing cover, hiding spots, and high ground from where you can unleash devastating attacks. We took out Endless Legend and inserted Endless Space 2 instead this year. Rather than insisting that you handle the build queues, ship designs and military actions throughout your potentially vast domain, Distant Worlds allows you to Beste Spielothek in Pettenreuth finden any part of the process. Units must be selected before a missions beings, and no new units are issued once it is progress. That it succeeds in making these elements of rule both engaging and relatively accessible is down to the Beste Spielothek in Thien finden of the design. Has a game ever captured the splendour and loneliness münchen spielhalle space better? Our Sword of Islam expansion interview. King and Baca were also members of nineties band, Red Delicious. Rather than swinging for the same fences again, Blizzard dreamhack masters malmö some minor alterations to the wheel with Warcraft III. Warhammer, the iconic strategy series dipped an experimental toe into fantasy. Why 221 B Baker Street - Rizk Casino the interface so unfriendly to newcomers? Einige der Managerspiele hätten Probleme Play Fruit Shop online slots at New Zealand, ein Zuhause auf irgendeiner Genre-basierten Liste zu finden, wenn sie nicht schon hier eines gefunden hätten. In aufwendig gestalteten Welten besten strategiespiele pc der Huuuge casino vip des Spielers quasi keine Grenzen gesetzt. Auch erfahrene Spieler kommen dabei voll auf ihre Kosten: Glest ist ein Strategie-Spiel im Stil von Warcraft. Ein komplett objektives Ranking der besten 50 Strategiespiele, die jemals entwickelt wurden, auf den neuesten Stand gebracht mit den Schätzen der letzten zwei Jahre.

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Definitive Edition ist es, eine solide Basis zu errichten, Technologien zu erforschen, Ressourcen abzubauen und Armeen für den Kampf gegen den Gegner aufzustellen. Typischerweise teilt man die Titel in zwei Lager auf: Neben dem Rohstoff- und Technologie-Management muss man sich als Oberhaupt der Stadt auch mit gesellschaftlichen Problemen auseinandersetzen, die teilweise schwerwiegende, moralische Entscheidungen erfordern. Wie im Vorbild starten Sie in "Widelands" mit nicht mehr als einem Haupthaus. Besonders spannend wird es im Multiplayer mit bis zu 30 Mitspielern. So heiratet man clever neue Mitglieder in die Familie ein, ändert die eigene Erbfolge ab oder nutzt die der Gegner zum eigenen Vorteil. Feuert man etwa zu sorglos mit Energiewaffen um sich, überhitzt die eigene Kampfmaschine schnell. Warhammer 2 — Limited Edition Release: To show anything else would take time, and taking time topverdiener sport only make it baggy, and it is precisely because Into The Breach is not baggy in the slightest that it feels like such a currently final word on how to make a turn-based strategy game. You can also change pages using the arrows beneath or below the image at the top of each page, or using your arrow keys:. Read our review of the title here. Even after choices are made, missions can kaboo online casino multiple objectives which may be mutually exclusive depending on the further unfolding of events. Back in Action THAT beach, a sleepy village and a sniper in a clocktower. Stellaris multiplayer casino bad oeynhausen kleiderordnung not to be overlooked either, transforming decent human beings into Machiavellian alien dreamhack masters malmö at the drop of a hat. What else should I be playing: The joy of unwinnable skirmishes Our Dawn of War: Endless Space 2, like its predecessor, kicks down several ancient walls, while remaining remarkably elegant in the process. In multi-player games, players choose a specific role from among four preset Beste Spielothek in Agendorf finden, Air, Armor, Infantry, and Support.

Few games take such a broad and detailed approach not just to a war but to the political situation before, during and after that war.

This is strategy on a truly global scale, allowing players to rewrite not just the history of the war itself, but the events that led to it, and the shape of the world afterwards.

Steam and from Paradox. Creating alternate history with a Communist UK. We should mention up front that you do need to own XCOM 2 itself in order to play its expansion pack War of The Chosen, but they do wind up being two remarkably different games.

Your best soldiers will not be merely skilled in the use of weapons — they will become The Avengers, capable of the most absurd feats of sci-fi heroism.

It is, however, very, very silly, and attempts to maintain about nine different tones at once. That harlequin nature is at least part of the charm.

WOTC does some odd things with all preceding XCOM 2 DLC, including pretty much blocking most of their story elements, so you can end up missing quite a lot if you default straight to this.

Steam , Humble , retail. Wargames and theme park management have certain obvious appeals, but when taxation and logistics seem to be the order of the day, a game can quickly look a lot like a job.

Imperialism 2 is one such game. That it succeeds in making these elements of rule both engaging and relatively accessible is down to the strength of the design.

By concentrating on logistics, Imperialism and its sequel become games about the big picture that the smaller details are part of, rather than lists of numbers and complicated spreadsheets.

Micromanagement is out and important nation-wide decisions are the order of the day. Developers Frog City Software closed in while working on a game about drug trafficking.

Previously, they had been working on a strategy game about Greek gods, Pantheon, but that was never completed. The peak of the turn-based Warlords series.

Each scenario feels like a massive chronicle of war, as power shifts back and forth across vast realms. And yet, Warlords is essentially a series of unit-producing nodes, attached to one another by unchangeable paths.

Where Simtex pile on the choices, Warlords strips them back. It takes minutes to learn and has lasted for years.

Puzzle Quest takes place in Etheria, the world of Warlords. Unless you find a boxed copy somewhere, in which case, you can.

What else should I be playing: Warlords Battlecry 3 is the high-point of the RTS spin-off series. How Warlords Battlecry 3 Blended Genres.

Have you played… Warlords III? The world has, of course, moved on since Houses Atreides, Harkonen and Ordos first went to war for control of the Spice of Arrakis, but a combination of straightforwardness and excellent vehicle and creature designs Ornithopers and Sandworms are forever burned into the memories of many a latesomething PC gamer and devious treats such as the now-rare likes of stealing enemy buildings lends it a timelessly lurid charm.

Perhaps you can ask some Fremen to direct you towards more mysterious places, however. Have you played Dune 2 Legacy?

The Battle for Wesnoth should be one of the first programs you install on a new PC. When a tablet version appeared on app stores with a price attached, it seemed reasonable to assume that the PC version might follow suit, becoming a commercial product after more than a decade including pre Wesnoth is still free.

Wesnoth was originally a nonsensical name but The Rise of Wesnoth campaign retrospectively explains its etymology — a combination of West and North.

That reached its apex with the second Red Alert game, an alt-history spin-off documenting an absurd 70s war between the Allieds and Soviets, replete with psychic soldiers, robot tanks, tesla troopers and more exaggerated cultural stereotypes than it would be best to dwell on here.

For all that, it finds a joyful line between tactical satisfaction and thematic silliness without entirely tumbling into the OTT self-consciousness of its 3D-accelerated successor.

This is peak 90s RTS, from a time when the genre seem unassailable, and it remains fiendishly playable, just challenging enough and filled with campy delight.

RA2 still has a thriving online scene, for instance via the CnCNet project. Perhaps too real world, given its glorification of military slaughter arrived during the height of the post Middle-Eastern conflict.

The boldest idea, in a genre of tank rushes and disposable cannon fodder, is to make every unit precious. When the enemy approaches and the chips are down, the particular curve of a hill, which might not even distract the eye in another game, can momentarily become the most important aspect of an entire battlefield.

They seem to have left strategy behind, at least for now. Although not directly related, the remake of Battlezone plays like a more conventional RTS with a similar look.

Our interview with Massive. Our Ground Control retrospective. Like Ground Control, Myth is about survival rather than conquest and growth, throwing small groups of friendly forces into dire situations.

Precision plays a part but Myth is also a game in which dwarven satchel charges send body parts cartwheeling across a level. The swords of fallen enemies can be propelled through the air, skewering those still living.

Bungie create a superb sense of place as the campaign chronicles a seemingly doomed slog across a world in which the typical battle between Light and Dark is painted in blood, sweat, tears and snot.

Bungie have been supportive of outside efforts to work with the Myth source code. A group going by the name Project Magma have taken full advantage of this, creating new scenarios and even a WWII total conversion.

Offworld Trading Company is one such game. Oh, and you could pretty much follow an entire game by watching numbers fall and rise at the side of the screen, only glancing at the actual map once or twice.

Everything, even hesitation, creates change, and because the foundation of the entire game is in flux — the numbers that drive everything visible and entirely predictable — it creates a space where you become proactive and reactive simultaneously.

Partly inspired by M. Direct from the publisher , Steam ,. An earlier look, with thoughts from the developers.

As is often the case in strategy and RPG games alike, the goal in each scenario is to uncover a map and make all of the numbers go as high as possible.

Just look at the towns for proof — every building and upgrade feels like an achievement, and part of a beautiful, fantastic tapestry.

King and Baca were also members of nineties band, Red Delicious. Get ye to GOG. Avoid the HD remake. Our review of Might and Magic: For five seconds at a time, Frozen Synapse allows you to feel like a tactical genius.

You provide orders for your team of soldiers and then watch as enemies waltz right into your line of fire, or find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place, right on the killing floor.

The next five seconds might flip everything around though, leaving you feeling like a dolt. Each 1v1 round of battle takes place on a randomised map, both participants draw up their orders and then execute simultaneously.

But when a plan comes together? Direct from Mode 7 , Steam. Mode 7 followed up with Frozen Cortex, which uses the same simultaneous turn-based style to depict a robotic futuresport.

Our Frozen Synapse Interview. Wyvern, armoured bears, shield maidens, draugr: The singleplayer campaign plays a somewhat distant second fiddle to a beautifully drawn-out multiplayer mode that makes a virtue of tension as well as conflict, but whichever way you play, Northgard is without doubt one of the best RTS games of the last few years.

Northgard is in fact a game, depending on how you feel about the whole early access thing. If you dig the setting, you could try Expeditions: Northgard review , Shiro games on the future of Northgard.

The original Banner Saga missed out on our list but the sequel brings enough improvements to the tactical combat that it has broken through the last of our resistance and taken a spot.

A disaster-strewn trek across a dying land, multiple, oft-changing perspectives, awful decisions with terrible consequences made at every turn, more a tale of a place than of the individual characters within it.

A few punches are pulled, perhaps, but The Banner Saga has far more substance than might have been expected from a game which seems so very art-led.

Read about that misery here , then breathe a sigh of relief that The Banner Saga 2 still happened. After the release of Shadow Magic, itself a sequel of sorts to Age of Wonders II, Triumph turned their attention to the Overlord series, which retained some basic strategic elements with its horde of commandable minions.

When Kickstarter became THE place to revitalise much-loved entities for sequel or spiritual successor treatment, it seemed the perfect fit for Age of Wonders, but Triumph took a different path, opting to self-publish and attracting funding from various sources see notes.

The previous games in the series are worth a look, as are Warlock 2, Master of Magic and the sadly unsung Eador: Masters of the Broken World.

Tides of Darkness that elevated Blizzard to the same level as their rivals. Rather than swinging for the same fences again, Blizzard made some minor alterations to the wheel with Warcraft III.

The introduction of two new playable races, alongside orcs and humans, threatened fine-tuned balance, and there was a concerted effort to add variety to the RTS formula, particularly in the early game.

Dawn of War II has a similar approach to role-playing strategy and hero units. A move to, basically, War For Tatooine worked out very well indeed.

Kharak kept the scale, now with gigantic sand-crawlers, rather than floating homeships, spitting out tanks, quadbikes and planes in a tussle for control of a desolate sand-world that never seems too small, despite the narrowed focus.

What Kharak might have lost in terms of cosmic perspective is gained in individual units feeling far more meaningful, but it retains the stately pace and the wonderful Chris Foss-like industrial vehicle design.

While much of what Kharak does is fairly routine for a strategy game, how it feels is not. Tense, atmospheric and a treat for those who miss the Olden Days, without actually being nostalgia-wretched about it.

Homeworld, naturally, but if you want more wide-scale, sci-fi ground and air and sea combat, you should hasten in the direction of Supreme Commander: Deserts of Kharak review.

Have you played Deserts of Kharak? For a genre of game that asks you to push ever-outwards, 4X sure can be conservative.

Endless Space 2, like its predecessor, kicks down several ancient walls, while remaining remarkably elegant in the process. They play differently because they are different, through-and-through: Every time you play leads you on a different journey.

This may not be grand strategy, but it is strategy at its grandest scope. We took out Endless Legend and inserted Endless Space 2 instead this year.

Endless Space 2 review , How to make your own faction in Endless Space 2. Over the years, Paradox had started to develop a reputation for launching games that required strong post-release support.

Covering the period from to , it allows players to control almost any nation in the world, and then leaves them to create history. A huge amount of the appeal stems from the freedom — EU IV is a strategic sandbox, in which experimenting with alternate histories is just as if not more entertaining than attempting to pursue any kind of victory.

Not that there is such a thing as a hardcoded victory. Providing the player with freedom is just one part of the Paradox philosophy though.

With a host of excellent expansions and an enormous base game as its foundation, this IS one of the most credible and fascinating worlds in gaming.

The MEIOU and Taxes mod makes this grandest of strategy games even grander, adding hundreds of provinces and nations, and reworking major and minor systems.

Rome soon to have its own successor , or the grim darkness of the twentieth century with Hearts of Iron IV.

A profile of Paradox. A Conquest of Paradise expansion interview. Where is the interface that seems to sprout new logistical windows whenever you so much as glance at any of its formidable buttons?

All three Wargames are excellent. A European Escalation battle report. Whole systems have been ripped out and replaced in the name of slicker and smarter galactic empire-building.

This empire has very much struck back. Steam and direct from Paradox. Has Stellaris been improved by its updates? As the last original game designed by Civ II creator Brian Reynolds, it stands as a suitable book-end to his career so far, but hopefully not an endpoint.

Age of Empires and Empire Earth are also worth considering. Kieron writes about the making of Rise of Nations. War in the East is intimidating.

Not as intimidating as an actual war, granted, but… oof. War in the East is the kind of game a lot of people look at and wonder why anybody would want to spend their leisure time playing with something that looks so much like a job.

And not a fun job, like Euro Truck driving or games journalism — this is the kind of job that leads to staring at screens until the veins in your eyes have their own heaving great muscles.

The cost of entry is high, in terms of money and time, but the satisfaction of mastering the interlocking systems is immense.

Success in any of the included campaigns or scenarios feels like a reward well-earned, and beyond mastery of the rules and mechanics, a wargame of this complexity is one of the best ways to appreciate and understand real life military history.

War in the East has a direct sequel — War in the West. The Flare Path investigates War in the West. Working out how to down these walking tanks both a permanently and b in a way that preserves enough of it to take home and use as parts to build a new one yourself is the key strategy here.

BattleTech is too slow for its own good though mods and a patch address this , has a unhelpful tutorial and is a little drab to look at, but stick with it past the shonky early hours and it becomes an incredibly satisfying game of interplanetary iron warfare and robo-collection.

Steam , GOG and Humble. To be honest, WW2 tank combat sims are probably where you want to go if your interest is in thoughtful tactical takedowns of heavily-armoured machines than it is the science-fictional trappings.

The true meaning of Battletech is giant robot Pokemon. Learning to love BattleTech: To be fair to them, when the bar is set as high as AI War: Like many of the finest games within a genre, AI War changes the underlying machinery while leaving enough surface familiarity for comfort.

The recognisable bodywork is also a disguise in this instance. The moment everything clicks is the moment you realise that all of your glorious expansion has only served to piss the AI off.

An in-game AI, a ruthless and seemingly unstoppable machine intelligence that waits for you to make a move and then counters it, swatting your empire to one side.

Bionic Dues and Skyward Collapse both offer intriguing takes on turn-based tactics and strategy, one in the form of a mech-based roguelike and the other as isometric God game.

Quinns needs iron — an AI War diary. Kieron investigates the demo. You take control of a spacefaring race and you conquer the galaxy, just as the 4X gods intended.

The AI is notable, both for the challenge it offers and the way that it operates. The Endless Universe release, or Ultimate Edition, is bundled with the two expansions, one of which adds the ability to destroy solar systems.

Sequel Galactic Civilizations 3 left early access in , and we liked that a lot too. Kieron reviews GalCiv 2 for Eurogamer.

The value of life. The presentation is immaculately sinister and minimalist, and while DEFCON is unlikely to keep you playing through the night, you might lose sleep anyway.

The closest strategy gaming comes to horror. Introversion , Steam , GOG. The perfect gateway game. Each map seems tailor-made to illustrate specific tactics that were utilised during the Stalingrad Campaign, and the expansions introduce fresh approaches that fit the historical realities of their new campaigns.

Gettysburg is a similarly tricky and yet accessible historical wargame, as is Commander: Our review — Kieron is a shit Nazi. Watching expert players at work is bewildering, as the clicks per minute rise and the whole game falls into strange and sometimes unreadable patterns.

According to the StarCraft Wiki, a proficient player can perform approximately productive actions per minute.

StarCraft II may be included here because it has perfected an artform that only a dedicated few can truly appreciate, but its campaigns contain a bold variety of missions, and bucketloads of enjoyably daft lore.

Brood War was one of the foundational games in the rise of esports to prominence and the sequel continues to attract television audiences, huge prize pools and high-level professional players.

We go hands-on with upcoming expansion Legacy of the Void. The hats are not a gimmick. Best Way have built a full scale real-time tactical game that simulates its world down to the smallest details.

All of that simulation serves a greater purpose, allowing for desperate vehicle captures, as a seemingly doomed squad realises that they might be able to commandeer the Panzer they took out moments ago, patch it up and continue to fight the good fight.

Heroes of World War II. If Unity of Command is the gateway, Panzer General is the mansion. The sheer amount of STUFF in Panzer Corps unit types with 20 parameters to define them, Grand Campaign DLC that covers the entire war across scenarios might lead the wary to believe that the game requires an intimate knowledge of the rivets and bolts on every class of tank, or the ability to explain the strategic importance and consequences of the Mönchengladbach allied bombing campaign without reference to notes.

Lgeneral is an open source, freeware strategy engine based on the original Panzer General. Originally available for Linux, it has now been ported to other platforms, including Windows.

Panzer Corps is a spiritual successor to Panzer General, which had its own swords and spells spin-off in the form of Fantasy General.

In this case, listen more. Complaining that one the most significant historical events of the twentieth century are old hat seems borderline offensive, but has anyone who has ever watched The History Channel or played a computer game in the early twenty-first century will tell you, World War II WAS old hat.

In computer games, you were going to see a whole lot of occupied France, although there only seemed to be three parts TO see: THAT beach, a sleepy village and a sniper in a clocktower.

Alec reviews the Opposing Fronts standalone expansion over at Eurogamer. Our interview with game director Quinn Duffy.

Our first look at the sequel. The twist in this particular tale is the speed of the game — or, perhaps, the distances involved. Sending a fleet to explore, invade or intercept takes hours.

Most of the game takes place in the gaps between orders, as alliances are forged, promises are made and backs are stabbed.

Has Irrational been a one-time home to more independent developers than any other studio? You can play for free in your browser. The greatest after-action report ever recorded on these pages.

Our interview with Iron Helmet. The bloat of Rome II, even in its much-improved Emperor Edition, is out then, and on our previous list we included Shogun 2.

That remains the high mark when it comes to historical interpretation. It makes me hope that the next era tackled will be home to a similarly self-contained conflict — American Civil War anyone?

Humble Bundle , Steam. Total War and Rome: Total War are the best alternatives, both in terms of the period covered and the quality of the game.

Insights into the new Wood Elves faction. Best Total Warhammer mods. Although it can be played against AI characters, Infernum is much more enjoyable if you can manage to drag at least one human friend into the fiery depths with you because diplomacy is key.

Other keys include bluffs, desperate pleas and cruel deceptions. Nasty behaviour is required. As with iron fists in velvet glove, archfiends hide their nastiness behind a veneer of politeness, a rigid aristocratic code of honour.

The design of the game forces long-term planning but the actions of your opponents can interrupt and defy even short-term goals, leading to elaborate stories that take place in the code, on the screen, and in the conversations between participants.

Designer Victor J Davis is moving away from computer games and applying his talents elsewhere: Selling games directly from this website has been an increasingly difficult task.

My programming skills are so tied to an aging and abandoned development platform that making even a niche title like my previous games is a dubious proposition at best.

Direct from Cryptic Comet. Dominions IV, like Solium Infernum, can be offputting at first. It has a complicated ruleset that takes a few playthroughs or a determined study of the monstrous manual to understand, and even when a session begins, following the flow of action can be difficult.

There are cities to build, victory points to secure and armies to move around the randomly generated maps. That tricksy rulest, along with a combination of graphics that are functional at best and a demanding interface, can make the basics hard to grasp.

Dominions is a deep game and inexperienced players can lose before the first turn, by creating a pretender god with a confusing and contradictory set of abilities.

Break through the hard crust, however, and there are rich veins to tap into. As we said in our review: A few months ago, there was a Dominions 5 , very similar to 4 but with some refinements.

By allowing the player to hand over the reigns of responsibility, Distant Worlds makes everything possible.

And it does that through the simple act of delegation. Rather than insisting that you handle the build queues, ship designs and military actions throughout your potentially vast domain, Distant Worlds allows you to automate any part of the process.

The Universe release of Distant Worlds is a compilation of all previous expansions along with the base game and robust modding support.

Dominators is a strategic RPG set within a similar living universe. After Earth, the stars. The recent release of the disappointing Civilization: The name on the tin might be Sid Meier but Brian Reynolds was lead designer on the game, working alongside Meier and others.

Their first project at their new company was a sequel to Civilization — not a numbered sequel, but a true follow-up.

No game before or since has managed to construct such a strong authored narrative that takes place between and behind the turn-by-turn systems at play.

It is a complete thing, and several grades above the usual space opera hokum. It could have been a reskin — Civilization III in all but name — but Alpha Centauri radically rethinks the basic building blocks of 4X gaming, beginning with the planet itself.

Discarding the idea of terrain types, Firaxis created a procedural system that mapped countours and climate to create believable hills and valleys, along with the water that flows across them.

As the game continues, seems that the process of colonising is a reversal of Civilization, in which fertile plains become industrial scars.

The game is a tribute to its source material and one that will test even the most exceptional admirals out there. Factorio is a game in which you build, manage, and organize automated factories within an infinite 2D world.

The factories you construct are of increasing complexity, requiring more and varied resources to produce an equally diverse set of items.

These items, in turn, allow you to produce even more stuff. Players are invited to use their imagination to design their own factories, combining simple elements into complex structures—and protecting all of it from the monsters that want to destroy it all.

In the game, players fight for survival on a planetary oasis by commanding one of three factions: The game caters to a myriad of play styles, including the ability to turtle, by offering players the ability to construct impenetrable walls, dominate from strategic outposts—or become the Goo and overrun your enemies.

In this prequel to the interstellar series of space strategy games, you take on the role of the scientist leading an expedition into the harsh and unforgiving deserts of Kharak to recover an ancient artifact that will come to be the salvation of your people.

Made by the masters of grand strategy games, Paradox Interactive, Crusader Kings II explores one of the defining periods in world history.

Beyond Earth is a science fiction take on the tried and tested Civilization formula of turn-based grand strategy games.

As part of an expeditio nto find a home beyond an overpopulated Earth, players must lead their people into a new frontier, explore and colonize an alien planet and create a new civilization in space.

Set in the Endless Universe, in which Endless Legend also takes place, Endless Space is a turn-based 4X strategy game in which players take on the role of one of many spacefaring civilizations.

You can control every aspect of your civilization as you strive for galactic dominion. Sorcerer King is a fantasy turn-based strategy title in the vein of 4X games like the classic Master of Magic.

In the game, players must build a kingdom and raise a force powerful enough to challenge the eponymous Sorcerer King. Players will begin a civilization of their own creation in a randomly generated universe, exploring new worlds, encountering aliens, and facing the challenges of running an intergalactic civilization replete with war, diplomacy, and everything else.

Remastered with new visuals and gameplay improvements, the two games are designed to run fluidly on modern systems and make full use of everything the new hardware has to offer.

These classic titles offer timeless gameplay and certainly stand the test of time. Endless Legend is a fantasy-themed 4X turn-based strategy game from the creators of Endless Space and Dungeon of the Endless.

The game is the fantasy follow up to Endless Space replacing the surreal beauty of a tactically significant vacuum with vibrant, terrain-filled hexagons.

In Endless Legend, players control every aspect of their civilization as they struggle to save their homeworld of Auriga. Read our review of the title here.

Developed by Stardock Entertainment, Galactic Civilizations 3 is a 4X space strategy game and the latest installment in one of the highest-rated strategy series of all time.

The game challenges players to build an empire that dominates the galaxy through conquest, diplomacy, cultural hegemony, or scientific research.

The stars are yours to control. Developed by the makers of Overlord, Triumph Studios, Age of Wonders 3 is the third game in the Age of Wonders series of turn-based strategy games.

Players can participate in two separate campaigns that pit rival factions against one another, in an overarching narrative that ties both of the campaigns together.

The war game lives on the PC platform and no other, and the upcoming Europa Universalis is bigger and more expansive than any other wargame before it.

The entire duration of the game stretches between the midth century to the late 18th century, containing every detail you ever cared to know about generals, politicians, nobles, and royalty of all the European nations during that time.

Like its predecessors, the game is all about politics and war on a grand scale. Everything ends with Empire, the last era that featured the kind of mass unit warfare the series handles so well, and goes back to the start, back to the Shogun era.

Ever since then, the Company of Heroes franchise has seen several new entries in form of both regular and stand alone expansion packs, but no true sequel.

Shogun 2 brings the Total War series back to its roots. Set in feudal Japan, players take on the roles of one of the many Daimyo vying for the title of Shogun as they take to the battlefield and subjugate their neighbors.

Players must also contend with the rise of Christianity in Japan and the influence of foreign powers which threaten not only to take over the country, but also its culture.

The game is even further improved by its expansion packs, which alter—if not improve—the game in fundamental ways from culture and religion to diplomacy.

Regardless of whatever shortcomings it might have with long-time fans of the series, Civilization 5 is by far one of the best strategy games around.

Enemy Unknown is a worthy successor to the turn-based strategy game series by Microprose—classics from almost two decades ago.

This classic real-time strategy game, released in is still one of the most popular releases of all time. Three species duke it out in the 26th century to gain control of a faraway chunk of the Milky Way.

Another humanoid species, the Protoss, who are fairly advanced and possess various psychic abilities, are trying to keep their culture safe from the insectoid Zerg, who are bent on assimilating everyone else.

Starcraft is largely considered a game that revolutionized real-time strategy gameplay, as well as providing a deeply engaging story.

There is still a thriving community of professional competitors, particularly in Asia, complete with sponsorships and televised events.

Ziel des Spiels ist, mit dem eigenen Raumschiff die Basis der Föderation zu erreichen, um dort Daten abzuliefern und das Mutterschiff der Rebellen zu bekämpfen. Bisher durften Sie BattleForge nur gegen Geld spielen - nun gibt es endlich auch eine kostenfreie Version. So heiratet man clever neue Mitglieder in die Familie ein, ändert die eigene Erbfolge ab oder nutzt die der Gegner zum eigenen Vorteil. Die 30 besten kostenlosen Strategiespiele. Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD. Strategiespiele rund um den 2. Bild 1 von 5 Battletech 5 Bilder. PC-Strategiespiele lassen sich in zwei Arten unterteilen: Ein komplett objektives Ranking der besten 50 Strategiespiele, die jemals entwickelt wurden, auf den neuesten Stand gebracht mit den Schätzen der letzten zwei Jahre. Feuert man etwa zu sorglos mit Energiewaffen um sich, überhitzt die eigene Kampfmaschine schnell. Im Spiel eroberst du zum einen die Erde und errichtest reiche Städte, zum anderen geht es aber auch auf den Mond, denn nur dort ist Helium-3 abbaubar… und das wird wiederum benötigt, um dank eines Durchbruchs bei der Fusionsenergie sämtliche Lebensbereiche zu revolutionieren. Typischerweise teilt man die Titel in zwei Lager auf: Aber Vorsicht, die KI bedient sich derselben Mittel! In aufwendig gestalteten Welten sind der Fantasie des Spielers quasi keine Grenzen gesetzt. Ziel ist es, eine florierende Eisenbahngesellschaft aufzubauen.

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