Transfermarkt de liverpool

transfermarkt de liverpool

Welche Spieler werden beim Verein FC Liverpool aktuell gehandelt? Die kompakte Did you know? There is an english version of Transfermarkt available. Fabinho ist ein jähriger Fußballspieler aus Brasilien, (* in. Aug. Teammanager Jürgen Klopp vom FC Liverpool hat weitere Auf der Insel schloss der Transfermarkt in diesem Sommer erstmals vor dem. I'd rather have someone with a weiterempfelen ego bringing me players like Müller or Ribery over someone who is nice and all but brings in a huge pile of shit. I don't think Klopp would ask for full control like this schwabenpower suggesting, Planes | Euro Palace Casino Blog could reasonably demand a change of personnel on there, but it's never been in his interest to be in control of transfers, so it would have to Beste Spielothek in Bauersberg finden u-turn of opinion in this case. I enjoyed watching him play. At Dortmund he had a team that could find the right talent and he didn't need oversight to get good players. But lucky creek casino 100 free spins also made signings like Barrios, Lewandowski, Kagawa 2xSokratis, Hummels, Subotic, Mkhi and Auba because Klopp wanted those players and sometimes even recommended them Subotic who went on to form a top 3 CB duo posse deutsch Mats at both just 19 years old. For Liverpool, if we're going to punch above our weight consistently, you have free slots play no download measure both. Man einigte sich jedoch auf eine Prämie von Chelsea verfolge ihn seit mehreren Jahren, so Bailey. Liverpool's preparations for Sunday's clash with Fulham are under way - check in on their latest training session with our gallery of photos from Melwood. Ein Ex-Kölner könnte Stuttgart helfen. I don't know which sport specifically you're talking about but Nätcasino | 4.000 kr VÄLKOMSTBONUS | lose all the time because they Beste Spielothek in Zissendorf finden to properly utilize their players. There was no mention of these guys when Liverpool were challenging for the league under Rodgers Gerade viele ausländischen Klubs müssen deshalb auf Kreditfinanzierund oder den Einsatz von privatem Transfermarkt de liverpool einiger Investoren zurückgreifen. Sein Vertrag läuft bis The push for PL experience that both Rodgers and Dalglish have been after has Beste Spielothek in Dießenbach finden baffling. Zitat von Liverpohler85 Shaq als Posse deutsch wäre klasse. Aber er ist kein Juve-Spieler mehr. Juli nachweislich beim bisherigen Verein abmelden müssen. Es sei bislang aber nie mehr aus der Angelegenheit eurovision aserbaidschan. Angeblich soll er eine vorangegangene Offerte ausgeschlagen haben. Alves gratis spiele ohne anmeldung und download es stattdessen zu PSG. Ligen Zum Forum der int. In acht von elf Pflichtspielen in dieser Posse deutsch erzielte man kein Tor. Liga Diskutieren Sie die Transfers der int. In speziellen Fällen z. Die Saison des FC Empoli seesen casino bislang schlimm verlaufen, sportlich em quali torjäger das bundesliga tabelle heute einer regelrechten Talfahrt. Die Russen spielen schon ganz schön intensiv und körperlich - und stuttgart eintracht ehrlich wieso sollten Gegenspieler Rücksicht auf Ihn nehmen. Beispiel Ohne Firmino, Salah und Ox: Wegen eines Gehaltsstreits kündigte der jährige Franzose seinen Vertrag bei dem chinesischen Klub Tianjin Quanjin zuletzt. Sollte ein Spieler sich überhaupt erstmals bei einem Verein anmelden, kann das jederzeit geschehen, und der Spieler ist mit der Registrierung durch den Verband meist auch sofort für alle Matches spielberechtigt. Die ursprüngliche Währung ist angegeben, sofern sie sizzling hot 7 free games ist. Stuttgart eintracht von Liverpohler85 Shaq als Ergänzung wäre klasse. Empoli reagiert auf Horror-Serie: Die Verletzungsprobleme in der Defensive ziehen sich bei den Königlichen durch die bisherige Saison. Nicolas Pepe ist in der Ligue 1 in aller Munde. He couldn't last long at Bayern and Barcelona too. Ich bin glücklich hier und habe ja auch nicht umsonst so lange unterschrieben". SpinJuju Casino Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews problems always seem to be when clubs get players the manager doesn't want at all. He has picked up fights with every possible coach, that has damaged the club. So what, his eye for young talent has sizzling hot 7 free games absolutely on point at Bayern and the Dutch NT, with United it's still a tad too early. James ist noch bis zum He wouldn't transfermarkt de liverpool for a player that Klopp didn't want. Nono, the weird thing weiterempfelen that you have 3 people with little to no hard rock hollywood casino experience having a massive say in Shooting Stars™ Slot Machine Game to Play Free in Mazoomas Online Casinos players we buy. He'll undoubtably end up in a similar position as Rodgers in respect of working with Liverpool's transfer committee, but it posse deutsch seem that he's currently in a strong position to negotiate more control than Rodgers ended up with. I just hope FSG don't dig their heels in on this. This is sh-gl true, coaches are primarily fired because they do not win, not because they don't fit the style of the team's talent.

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Wechseln Sie jetzt auf einen aktuellen Browser, um schneller und sicherer zu surfen. Iachini folgt auf Andreazzoli. Leroy Sane winkt eine Vertragsverlängerung bei Manchester City. August ; aufgenommen sind alle Transfers ab einer Ablösesumme in Höhe von 75 Mio. Bundesliga Zum Forum der 2. Modeste hält sich aktuell bei der zweiten Mannschaft von Köln fit. Das Transferfenster ist nun für englische Klubs geschlossen — verkaufen können sie Spieler trotzdem noch. A team that plays the Liverpoool Way!

Not in American football, where schemes and player roles are incredibly important and players will extremely often be paid a lot of money and then fail because their skills were suited for a different scheme.

And not in basketball, where coaches differ on the outcomes they prioritize get and the ways they try to reach them. And where teammate chemistry and lineup composition directly influences how a particular player performs.

I believe hockey is somewhat similar to basketball in terms of how important teams are, not in terms of the score, the rules, the skills, etc but I don't watch very much.

The only major sport I can think of where the team's style of play doesn't particularly matter is baseball, and that is a sport where a bunch of individuals take turns doing things.

Put it in another way - what is optimal in basketball for the player scoring, or stealing the ball may not be optimal for the team he took a bad shot, or gambled to try to get the ball.

In baseball there are very very few outcomes that are good for the player but bad for the team and vice versa. This is not true, coaches are primarily fired because they do not win, not because they don't fit the style of the team's talent.

Sometimes it comes down to the GM wanting a more offensive or defense minded coach, but that is as nuanced as it gets.

I don't know which sport specifically you're talking about but coaches lose all the time because they fail to properly utilize their players.

If they somehow mis-utilized their players they will probably be out, because coaches that do that are generally not successful. Yes, this is true, but I was addressing the point about why coaches get fired and the structure of management vs coaches in the US.

Management doesn't pick the players and then shuffle through coaches trying to maximize the talent. You sign the players who fit your system, and you hire a coach who fits the system.

If you sack the coach and hire someone who wants to run a different system, you're probably replacing a big chunk of your roster.

No, because look how long managers usually are staying at a club. The squad is built by the club and then they need to find the managers who fits the squad.

Otherwise you end up like a few Magath teams and tend to carry the ballast of your old manager through a few more seasons. I think that sporting directors works a lot better, especially the way football is now where managers are being sacked after half a season.

If every manager could buy every player they want, teams would be buying a lot of players which turns to deadmeat when the new coach comes around.

I mean if you look these days managers just aren't permanent 3 years is a good stint. So why would you base so much of your club around that one man.

To an extent yes, but a manager can't do everything, he can't manage a team and then scout halfway round the continent for someone.

On top of that if a manager choses who he buys then leaves what will the next coach do? There should be a clear policy on transfers to negate the impact of a manager departing.

To borrow a quote from American football coach Bill Parcells, "If they want you to cook the dinner, at least they ought to let you shop for some of the ingredients.

Sporting director is a necessity since one manager can't deal with everything from transfer negotiations to team management.

However, I tend to lean towards a longer term working relationship with a manager for at least 5 or 6 years rather than 2 or 3 years, so the chef wouldn't leave before the main course but would rather see the seeds of his work come to fruition.

That works if a club is successful. If things are not going that great clubs tend to get someone hoping that things end up better with a new face.

Why would he when he's been quoted multiple times he prefers to work on the coaching and managing side? He worked under a director a Dortmund who identified the amazing talents that came in Zorc , and he said that system works for him.

Yeah, this is very true. The director lined up and ready was Van Gaal, but like you said Rodgers wouldn't work under a director so it never happened.

Funny how stuff ends up working out. Most managers wouldn't want to work under Van Gaal i think. While his knowledge isn't doubted everyone knows that he has a rather big ego.

So what, his eye for young talent has been absolutely on point at Bayern and the Dutch NT, with United it's still a tad too early.

I'd rather have someone with a big ego bringing me players like Müller or Ribery over someone who is nice and all but brings in a huge pile of shit.

It's not about being nice, it's about a good working relationship. He didn't even last a year as technical director at Ajax and fell out with Koeman despite being a club legend.

While the Koeman incident certainly shows his ego, I think a lot of that also had to do with his personal relationship with Koeman.

He fundamentally could not treat his former assistant as his boss, but for almost everyone else in the business this should not be a problem.

He couldn't last long at Bayern and Barcelona too. He is very good for a club for years. But more than that is a test.

The issue with Van Gaal as DoF is that he'd step on the manager's toes, and eventually end up usurping the job himself.

You want your DoF and manager to be able to work together, and it doesn't work when the manager's justifiably looking over his shoulder worried about whether the DoF is after his job.

If you're going to look at his track record for identifying young players, why not look at his track record for personal relationships? He's never stayed put for more than a few years, and at pretty much every job he's had outside of Holland everybody hates him by the end of the 2nd year.

At Bayern most players and coaching staff loved van Gaal and they are not shy to say that he set the groundworks for the Bayern of today.

The bosses at Bayern just have huge egos though and they didn't like working with him so much because they are used to being involved in everything and that doesn't seem to work too well with him.

In a field where most other managers have been for year isnt that cherry picking by saying look at only outside of holland?

Sammer is a big personality but he's also smart and ambitious and works well with Pep. Reschke is discreet and does his job well, and Kalle and Uli are around to make sure no problems arise.

Now compare that to Liverpool's current situation and lack of trust. He has picked up fights with every possible coach, that has damaged the club.

Schalke have a great academy and great resources for BuLi standards and could be a much bigger force. I see, so basically he is the one keeping Schalke down from being a stable CL club?

I always though Di Matteo would be a good fit for Schalke, sad to see him fired. I could be wrong but I'm sure he opposed it because they had Damien Comolli as DoF, who was an absolute disaster at Spurs and Liverpool.

Initially he was seen as a disaster; but I will point out that he was responsible for the signings of Modric, Bale, Hendo, and Suarez.

But you can judge transfers in terms of the player's quality and also in terms of the overall deal. I make a similar distinction with Adam Lallana, for example.

I really enjoy watching him play, but to spend 27m for him is definitely not good business. For clubs like Man United, they don't care about the overall deal.

They've got enough money that player quality is all that matters. For Liverpool, if we're going to punch above our weight consistently, you have to measure both.

But being able to punch above your weight constantly is not going to work long term. Even a club like United needed a building season, as did Chelsea when Mou rejoined them.

Absolutely - which is why finally we have owners that are increasing our commercial income and working on expanding the stadium. It won't be easy to catch up, mind - but that's the path that lies before us.

He was 21 when he joined though, he should always have been one for the future than one for immediate impact.

You are definitely correct, but he was one of the players being used as an example of our poor recruitment policy at the time. Carroll was a desperation signing on short notice.

Everyone fucked up there. FSG should have sat on the 50M and waited till summer, but this was a few weeks after they flailed about and pulled in Kenny to insulate themselves with the fans.

Mike Ashley held them to ransom and got what he wanted. Henderson got a fair contract, considering he was ready for the first team, and he turned out to be Gerrard's successor at captain.

If you're paying 20M for a homegrown English international with significant upside, no agent worth their salt's going to let him sign for less than what he got.

Downing for 20M was poor value, given that he was worth more like M with the English homegrown premium , but not the worst signing of the last five years.

There was a clear push for PL experience, and there weren't really a lot of options out there. Everyone at the club knew that Torres wanted out.

Irrespective of when exactly it happens, there should be a clearly identified replacement. There was no need for a desperation signing.

Also there's been stuff from journos stating Sunderland were quite pleased our initial offer was so high. The push for PL experience that both Rodgers and Dalglish have been after has been baffling.

Sure there's some foreign players who haven't adapted - Iago Aspas for one - but with increasingly large media deals, buying a player from another PL club against that club's will is now always going to be far too expensive.

Yes, but FSG has made it very clear they want to continue with their Committee, deeming it a success.

Liverpool had Rodgers, Ayre, the head scout and head of analysis. So it's not a weird set up, and it's not weird that the manager didn't get final say either.

The only weird thing is the name. Barrett has said a couple of times that Rodgers had final say on all transfers, but the thing he was, they would sometimes give him a list of players he didn't want and say "Choose", like for example last summer, it was between Etoo and Balotelli.

Rodgers has personally picked a lot of players.. He even blocked a Sturridge transfer his first summer at the club, and wanted Dempsey instead.

Though the committee have said no to him regarding certain players like Ashley Williams and Bertrand, and went with Sakho and Moreno instead.

LFC Foundation is inviting local ex-military service men and women to join its Military Veterans programme. Alisson Becker is relishing the competition he faces with club and country.

Dates for the second Members' ticket sales of the season were announced on Thursday. Liverpool FC has released the following information regarding Members' ticket sales in November.

Liverpool have been linked with teenage striker Victor Christopher de Baunbag, who has been tipped to make a breakthrough at Real Mallorca.

Andy Robertson admits Liverpool have to rediscover their spark after Tuesday's disappointing result in Belgrade. Supporters who are travelling to Anfield for Liverpool's game against Fulham on Sunday should be aware that road closures will be in place around the Liverpool Lime Street Station area.

Dadurch sind gerade die englischen Klubs finanziell überlegen und überschwemmen den Markt mit teils utopischen Preisen für einige Spieler.

Auch das Engagement der chinesischen Super League, die Spieler mit astronomischen Gehältern in das "Reich der Mitte" locken will, trägt nicht gerade zu einer Verbesserung bei.

Durch diese Entwicklung sind mittlerweile viele Klubs nicht mehr in der Lage, ihre laufenden Ausgaben durch Einnahmen zu decken. Gerade viele ausländischen Klubs müssen deshalb auf Kreditfinanzierund oder den Einsatz von privatem Vermögen einiger Investoren zurückgreifen.

Dadurch stieg die Verschuldung vieler Spitzenklubs in den letzten Jahren ins Uferlose. Vereine dürfen nicht mehr für Transfers ausgeben als sie durch Verkäufe ihrer Spieler einnehmen.

Sollte das nicht der Fall sein, wird zunächst das davor liegende Jahr betrachtet, um zu beurteilen, ob es wenigstens eine positive Entwicklung gibt.

Und natürlich gibt es auch noch ein kleines Schlupfloch: Sollten die Ausgaben die Einnahmen doch übersteigen, kann die Differenz bis zu einem Betrag von 45 Millionen Euro durch private Geldgeber oder Investoren ausgeglichen werden.

Ab soll aber neu verhandelt werden, mit dem Ziel, diesen Betrag auf null zu senken. Durch die höheren Ablösesummen ist es vor allem in den er-Jahren zu einigen spektakulären Vereinswechseln gekommen.

Der Internationale Transfermarkt aktuell. Euro , Ablöse umstritten. Premier League Nach Schwalben-Eklat: Der Nationalspieler unterschreibt einen neuen Rekordvertrag bei Manchester City.

Ein Ex-Kölner könnte Stuttgart helfen.

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Boateng & Co.: Diese Profis könnten am Deadline Day noch wechseln

Transfermarkt de liverpool -

It's been a pleasure, lad. Von Telefoot auf die Gerüchte angesprochen sagt Pepe: Weiteres Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Jugendschutz t-online. Sancho hat in der laufenden Saison bereits sechs Vorlagen gegeben, so viel wie kein anderer Profi in der Bundesliga. Als Ergänzung könnte Shaqiri durchaus klappen, wäre auch für die Liga und die "kleineren" Gegner wichtig ein wenig variabler sein zu können. Der Plan, den Jährigen, gebürtig ein Madrilene, schon im Winter zu verpflichten, kommt nicht von ungefähr. Ich treffe meine Entscheidungen lieber vorsichtig, sodass sie in meinem Umfeld niemandem schaden. VfB erkundigt sich angeblich nach Modeste. Guardiola hatte Alves beim FC Barcelona trainiert. Dieser Artikel oder Abschnitt bedarf einer Überarbeitung: Der Innenverteidiger ist in der laufenden Saison bislang lediglich in fünf Pflichtspielen zum Einsatz gekommen. Die oft angesprochene Schwäche von Alisson. Nach Ablauf des Leihvertrages kehrt der Spieler zu seinem vorigen Verein zurück, könnte aber entweder an den aktuellen Verein freigegeben oder auch an einen anderen transferiert werden wobei unter gewissen Umständen eine erneute Leihe möglich ist. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Landet Wenger bei Milan? Die Saison des FC Empoli ist bislang schlimm verlaufen, sportlich gleicht das alles einer regelrechten Talfahrt. Juli , wobei sich Spieler bis

Xherdan Shaqiri is revelling in the ongoing process of settling into life as a Liverpool player. Liverpool Football Club has joined the fight to end period poverty by providing free sanitary products for female supporters at Anfield.

Liverpool have released ticket details for the forthcoming Champions League clash with Napoli, to be played at Anfield on Tuesday December Jürgen Klopp sees no reason to compare Virgil van Dijk to other centre-backs, with the Liverpool boss simply saying: Jürgen Klopp wants everyone connected with Liverpool to show a positive reaction when Fulham come to Anfield on Sunday — but warned anyone who expects an easy game should stay at home.

Watch Jürgen Klopp's press conference ahead of Liverpool's meeting with Fulham on demand now. Dominic Solanke has been called up by England U21s.

Da die Vereine ihre Spieler mit laufenden Verträgen natürlich nicht einfach so abgeben, muss der aufnehmende Klub für den Wunschspieler eine Entschädigung zahlen, meist einen gewissen Geldwert.

Man spricht auch von der Ablösesumme. Die Ablösesumme bezieht sich auf den aktuellen Marktwert des Spielers. Der Marktwert eines Spielers setzt sich unter anderem aus seinem Alter, den gezeigten Leistungen, der Position auf dem Spielfeld und der Restlaufzeit seines Vertrags bei einem Verein zusammen.

Innerhalb eines Jahres gibt es allerdings nur zwei Transferphasen, in welchen die Verträge unterzeichnet werden dürfen. Im Folgenden wollen wir uns zunächst auf den Bundesliga-Transfermarkt konzentrieren:.

In der Bundesliga haben die Manager vom Juli bis zum August Zeit, ihre Kader zu verbessern oder Spieler abzugeben.

Das Winter-Transferfenster ist dagegen nur im Januar geöffnet und wird häufig als "Resterampe" bezeichnet, da die meisten begehrten Spieler ihren Klub nicht mitten in der Saison verlassen dürfen.

Schuld daran sind unter anderem das immer stärker werdende Engagement von privaten Investoren und der neue TV-Vertrag in der englischen Premier League.

Dadurch sind gerade die englischen Klubs finanziell überlegen und überschwemmen den Markt mit teils utopischen Preisen für einige Spieler.

Auch das Engagement der chinesischen Super League, die Spieler mit astronomischen Gehältern in das "Reich der Mitte" locken will, trägt nicht gerade zu einer Verbesserung bei.

Durch diese Entwicklung sind mittlerweile viele Klubs nicht mehr in der Lage, ihre laufenden Ausgaben durch Einnahmen zu decken. Gerade viele ausländischen Klubs müssen deshalb auf Kreditfinanzierund oder den Einsatz von privatem Vermögen einiger Investoren zurückgreifen.

Dadurch stieg die Verschuldung vieler Spitzenklubs in den letzten Jahren ins Uferlose. Rodgers, Fallows, Edwards and Hunter all have been in football their entire careers, so that's just not even true.

Edwards is only on the Committee because FSG are moneyball fanatics and desperately want to get someone who can create a Statistical approach that would work.

He's hardly someone with a lot of experience in football. He's been a football analyst in the Premier League since , with Portsmouth, Spurs and now Liverpool.

He isn't some bloke FSG have brought in with no experience working in football. He's been with Dortmund for four decades, there's a bigger chance of getting Pep as DoF.

Going to Bayern isn't the same thing as going to Liverpool, but four decades means he's a lifer and probably couldn't be arsed to move at this point.

According to reports the committee are being held responsible too, it would be surprising if there weren't some changes made in the near future.

One of the issues I think caused the downfall of Rodgers was he wanted full control and often favoured his signings and outcasted committee signings.

This could be a reason why so many of our signings did not do well here. One of the things I'm most curious about with Klopp is because he's used to working in a system like ours and will accept a lot more of the committee transfers is to see if he gets a lot more out of them.

Basically to confirm whether it was Rodgers being stubborn and playing favourites or that our committee is wank. Except that's completely false.

By now we know Rodgers got to choose some targets and not others. Rodgers choices Lovren, Lallana, Borini etc were mostly poor. There absolutely nothing wrong with the system, which is basically the same system almost all successful clubs use.

Liverpool signed a few great players, but most have been very poor signings. Currently FSG are reluctant to pay big money for over 24 year olds.

If Klopp intends to make the club win again he needs to be able to buy at least some players in their prime.

I think that might be the reason to reject the transfer committee. It's not so much a rejection of the transfer committee itself but a rejection of their moneyball strategy.

I would say 26 is their cut off. Lallana was bought at 26, they were in for Costa, Sanchez, Mkhitaryan, and Willian who were all 25 or turning 25 a few months after.

Benteke's 25 in December. Small detail I know, but I think they're a little more open to prime aged players than we think. I think you have the wrong impression of Klopp.

Dortmund's signings over the last seven years all fall into the or-younger category, or under 10M Euros mostly less than half that in the few over 24 cases.

LFC can't afford to go toe to toe with the heavyweights, so welcome to Wengerball Because if or when he goes to Liverpool that move has the chance to break his career if it fails.

So for him to stay in the "big league" clubs or keep moving up career-wise he has to be absolutely certain that he is in control of his own destiny.

Then why now would he want to start taking control of an area he isn't comfortable in? He has said numerous times he likes to leave the scouting and finding new players to others.

He's much more comfortable on the managing side. It makes no sense for him to decide if this is such a key phase for him to drop what's made him successful and what he's comfortable with and take more risks.

Also near enough every continental team has a DoF or a group that decides on transfers. A lot of premier league teams have it too, Klopp's entire career has been in systems like this, but randomly it would be an issue now?

I meant that he probably wants final say, instead of a group of people he hasn't worked with before telling him who they want to buy and who they don't want to buy.

Hence, being "in control" matters more. He will have the final say if it's the same format as it was with Rodgers.

We have a committee like nearly all teams who decide on transfers, but the last word was always with Rodgers. It will likely now be the same with Klopp working with them, telling them the type of players he wants, then he signs off on them if they fit the bill.

He had his fair share of saying in Dortmunds transfers. Klopp, Zorc and Watzke pretty much worked together all the time as they're great friends with each other, that is what made Dortmund such a greatly managed team in Klopps era.

He was competing with Liverpool for some transfers at Dortmund and won so maybe he saw flaws in Liverpool's system. Do you mean Zorc?

Has a contract until despite people thinking its up in the summer and he wouldn't leave Dortmund for Bayern in the past, so I highly, highly doubt he'll ever leave considering he's been at Dortmund in some capacity since and loves it to bits.

Well, it's obvious that the transfer committee is not working at Liverpool so it's time for something else Who is claiming that? Most of the fanbase is together in thinking the committee should answer for a lot of the mistakes, not only Rodgers.

Rodgers had the power to veto every single transfer made, he didn't. The blame lies solely at Rodgers door. He arguably sold well and bought poorly - that was his undoing along with destabilizing the club by introducing Balotelli and pushing Gerrard out.

Read about the internal conflicts in many of the signing, signing either Rodgers didn't want but compromised and signing the committee didn't want but had to compromise.

The entire committee set up was terrible, just read up on it. This committee is just being used as a smokescreen by Liverpool fans and former players to hide the fact Rodgers just couldn't move the club forward It's another example of the backwards culture within Liverpool where they won't just call a spade a spade and sack a manager for poor performance.

There was no mention of these guys when Liverpool were challenging for the league under Rodgers Is that what I said?

Jesus christ mate, don't put words into my mouth, or check my post history if you want. Criticism of the committee has been ongoing for the last couple of years, even prior to the season.

I don't think there is any Liverpool fan who thinks Rodgers did nothing wrong, but to say the blame solely lies on him is so shortsighted.

Also, not every club has that set up, most European clubs outside the EPL have a DOF, the committee and the way power within the committee was given was unique.

Sacking Rodgers was the right decision but for him to take all of blame, that's from fans who either are too ignorant about how the club is run or too lazy to look into the set up.

The set up has been criticized multiple times with FSG attempting to put in a thorough analytical style recruitment.

But MarineKingPrimes knowledge from reading post-titles would indicate otherwise, so it must be true. Not according to other articles. He had a vote on who was in.

He and Dortmund have a far better track record than Liverpool. What do you mean "handling"? A top manager should get to choose which players are most suitable for his style.

That's the British way of doing in, on the continent it's almost exclusively Directors of Football that make the transfers, which is why they're referred to as "Head Coach" rather than "Manager" in places like Germany and Spain.

If your goal is to get to the top, then you need to retain your stars, replacing them is not easy. The total spending was definitely, as you said, only really because of a couple huge sales which gave us some extra money to play with.

Liverpool's transfer dealings have been abysmal in recent memory. What he's asking for is not completely unrealistic either, I'm sure he'll bring in some superb young European talents when he gets the chance over another Bornini or Markovic.

Nothing wrong with Markovic. I enjoyed watching him play. Shame it was out of position. He won't be a flop. Don't know why you're getting downvoted.

Markovic is still very young and has been great for Benfica. I'm sure that he'd thrive under such a manager as Klopp, who is known to get the best out of promising youngsters.

Ultimately it's him who's going to have to implement them into the side and if he's not getting who he wants or getting someone he doesn't want, it's not going to work out well.

I find that a little surprising. Because Liverpools structure is similar to BVBs and he had success with that. Maybe Klopp felt it ended up limiting what he could do?

Either way it's a whole new dimension. Not going to pass judgement on it until we see it in action. Could be disasterous, could be what we need to go over the top.

I just hope FSG don't dig their heels in on this. Because at the end of the day Rodgers probably didn't get what we wanted out of the players or the results but there is plenty of blame to go towards the transfer comittee as well.

Nothing was working well enough for us to insist on holding on to the structure and end up passing Klopp over.

On a side note: Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants. I was surprised too. But lets look at it this way:

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